Armband Program

Armband Program

March 23rd, Yellow – 12pm

My Fencing Club offers the CFF Armband Program that is extremely valuable tool for skill development and assessment. The Armband is a simple check mark on a paper and a patch on a fencing jacket that helps motivate the athletes by visibly reinforcing “you are doing well”. Fencers work towards receiving their Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, and Black Armbands, learning the skill sets necessary to become successful athletes, coaches, and referees. The club currently has 58 yellow, 19 orange, 6 green and 3 blue armband fencers. Program Guide

To download the skill set for each level, click here:  Yellow, Orange, Green

To download the terms for each level, click here: Yellow, Orange

Location: 729 St. Clair Ave. W.
Cost: the cost for each level is $40 (includes the arm patch and certificate). There is no extra charge for re-taking the test.
Registration: please email Katya confirming your participation.

Please visit FAQ page to learn more about fencing terms and rules.