Beginner Sabre

Students may enroll in this program at any time after taking the Introductory Group or One-on-One sabre fencing lesson. The sabre differs from the other two weapons in that it is possible to score with the edge of the blade, allowing for an increased chance of scoring; for this reason, sabre movements are extremely fast agile. These classes are ideal for boys and girls who are new to fencing. The primary focus of this program is to develop physical literacy. In an exciting and safe environment students learn the fundamentals of sabre fencing and the rules of bouting through physical activities and mental exercises. Each class is taught using plenty of games to improve speed, strength, endurance and co-ordination, develop specific fencing skills and tactical thinking. In this stage, participants will focus on Yellow Armband level. The full fencing gear is provided during the first month of training. To read more about gear options please visit FAQ page. To learn more about sabre click here.

Cost: starts at $110/month + $35 OFA annual membership

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7-11yo: Tuesdays, 6pm-7pm