Coach: Katya Belkina

- NCCP Level 4 foil coach
- Competed in the USSR from 1985 to 1994
- Competed Nationally and Internationally 2005-2009
- Canadian National Champion, 2007
- Founded My Fencing club (MYF) in 2009

When people ask me why I fence, I tell them it is in my blood. My mom was an elite fencer and coach and fencing has been a part of my life since before I can remember. I was eight years old when I started fencing, and since then it’s been my passion. I was able to travel all over the former USSR, training a few times a day, meeting lots of other fencers and making lasting friendships. I describe myself as someone who grew up in a poor society that was rich with laughter, books, friendships and sports. I gained many medals and titles through fencing, but more importantly, I gained the personality of a fighter and a passion for life. I am dedicated to teaching and promoting the sport of fencing within the community. I am focused on youth development, with a goal to raise high performance athletes to compete in Canadian and international competitions. I help students to become better athletes and people by valuing challenge, passion, the will to achieve and team work.


Coach: Olga Zdesenko

- Foil Coach, Fencing Master
- Represented the National Team of the USSR from 1968 to 1982
- Won Universaide Games in 1971
- Has raised more than 50 competitive athletes since 1979

Olga enrolled into fencing after reading The Three Musketeers by Duma at the age of 12. It did not take her long to start winning local tournaments and later on Olga won the USSR National title a number of times. Olga is a former member of the USSR National  team and a Fencing Master who worked with Tishler, Arkadev and Nazlimov and other great Russian Masters for decades. She has a master’s degree in Physical Education. After moving to Canada, she began working at the club and raised a number of competitive athletes, including twice Quest for Gold recipient Daniel Wilson (National bronze medalist in Y15, 2011), Audrey Green (medal winners in 2013-2015).

  Physical Trainer: Marcia

- Certified personal trainer
- Professional dancer
- Fitness model

Marcia Plummer has been working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years in Canada and the USA. Marcia performed with the Second Company Alvin Ailey dance company. She’s also competed as a lightweight bodybuilder. Marcia is an expert at finding some weak links in the body and work toward the general fitness goals as well as fencing specific ones. Have a look at some of her circuits here. She trains people at Bloor and Bathurst Trainer’s Fitness