Katya, Head Coach/Owner

  • NCCP Level 4 foil coach
  • Competed in the USSR, Canada and internationally (1985-2009)
  • Canadian National Champion, 2007

Katya’s fencing reel 

When people ask me why I fence, I tell them it is in my blood. My mom was an elite fencer and coach so fencing has been a part of my life since before I can remember. I was eight years old when I started fencing, and since then it’s been my passion. I traveled all over the former USSR, met lots of other fencers and made lasting friendships. I gained many medals through fencing, but more importantly, I gained the personality of a fighter and a passion for life. In my club I am focused on youth development, with a goal to raise high performance athletes. I help students to become better athletes and people by valuing challenge, passion, the will to achieve and team work.

Alecs, Foil Coach

  • Competed on Carleton U. and Brock U. varsity teams
  • Competed in 2008 World Championships in Acireale
  • Bronze Medal in 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse

I started fencing as a kid who wanted to learn how to use a sword 18 years ago. This turned into me making new friends and going with them and my dad to competitions. What kept me fencing for so many years was definitely: good friends, loving swords, travelling and striving to achieve goals!

Dima, Sabre Coach

  • Master of Sports (Fencing) in 1988
  • Licensed Fencing Referee
  • Competed in the former USSR & Canada
  • Provincial Veteran Champion in 2017
  • Canada/America Cup Bronze and Silver Medalist (2017 and 2018)

Led by novels of Alexandre Dumas, I began fencing when I was ten years old. While competing, I travelled all over the former USSR. I met many other fencers, learnt many new technics, and shared my experience with them. I am focusing on youth development aiming to raise high performance athletes.

Ryan, Fitness Trainer

  • Certified personal trainer
  • Certified Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Ryan is a Toronto based certified trainer whose focus is training for functional movement, aligning athletes’ fitness goals a balanced approach to health and well-being.  Ryan’s training philosophy boils down to core concepts surrounding the quality of one’s own movement by examining the starting foundations of the client first, to better understand the work required for the client to achieve their fitness goals. In this way, Ryan seeks to guide his clients towards gaining a greater sense of self through movement.  In building a solid, intuitive base, the expanded limits of the body can be tested: in any art form, any discipline, any sport, and in any way the individual wishes to express themselves through movement.