Beginner Tournament

Fence often! The beginner tournament is a great opportunity for beginner and novice fencers wishing to participate in local tournaments. Aside from the obvious health benefits that come with activity and exercise, there are strong physical, social and psychological rewards associated with competition. Each competition has recreational level, boys and girls combined. Students learn how to deal with pressure, practice their refereeing and sportsmanship skills. For more information about the tournament please contact Katya.

Date: Friday nights: May 5th, 12th, 26th.
Location: 700 Markham St. (Annex)
Categories: Y10, Y12, Teens
Schedule: 5:30pm – 8pm
Fee: $50

New to competitions? Check out the Competition Manual!

Equipment Requirements

Fencers must wear track pants, running shoes and a beginner set – a mask, jacket and glove (girls need to wear a chest plate).

Tips for Parents

Parents are welcome to watch and support their children at the tournament. Please find some helpful piste side tips and code of conduct for parents.

Is My Child Ready to Compete?

Many of you wonder if your child is ready to compete. Aside from giving beginner fencers the opportunity to fence in the less formal yet competitive environment, the main idea is to encourage children to improve themselves and learn new skills through honest competition. Children need to accept the idea of losing and the fact that not everyone gets a medal, teaches them that they have to train hard to succeed and always have a winning spirit. They also need to understand that they learn much more when losing than winning, so it’s ok to lose. When children enter a competition the emphasis should be on the process rather than on the points or medals.

Volunteers Needed!

All competitive fencers are invited to come volunteer at the beginner events. This would count towards your High School community service hours, your Green and Blue armband requirement and this is the pool of people we pick from for summer employment. Let us know if you are interested.